Flutgraben Performances is a series of events located at Flutgraben, an artist-run studio building in Berlin Treptow. It is dedicated to the exploration, growth and transformation of live art. Each year a group of 10–12 artists comes and works together. Individually the artists follow their own artistic tracks without any limits in form and content. They use the time to test, develop, re-think and discuss their artistic practices and believes. On a collective level the group invents new forms of meeting the public, aiming for an encounter of artist, art work and art lover as a fertile, intimate and joyful act.

Current Episode

Flutgraben Performances was initiated in 2019 and is run by Clément Layes, Moritz Majce, Sandra Man and Jasna L. Vinovrški. Every year they invite 6–8 artists to participate in one season.

Since 2020 we also run the artist-in-residence program Flutgraben Performances Residencies that allows artists to create and research at the homebase of Flutgraben Performances, the Flutgraben artists’ house in Berlin. Each artist can work in one of two studios for the period of one month, according to the research, exploration, practice or project they are aiming to deepen or develop. Flutgraben Performances Residencies is funded by the Berlin Senate Departement for Culture and Europe.

Flutgraben Performances:

Invited Artists 2020

Asaf Aharonson
Christina Ciupke
Jefta van Dinther
Stella Geppert
Jared Gradinger
Milla Koistinen
Sergiu Matis
Ixchel Mendoza Hernandez

Invited Artists 2019

Cécile Bally
Charlie Fouchier
Margrét Sara Guðjónsdóttir
Arantxa Martínez
Uri Turkenich
André Uerba

Flutgraben Performances Residencies:

Invited Artists 2020

Ivan Björn Ekemark
Pauline Payen

Invited Artists 2021

Sharon Mercado Nogales
Isaiah Lopaz
Moran Sanderovich