Flutgraben Performances Residencies

Flutgraben Performances Residencies | Open Call 2020

In the frame of Flutgraben Performances we encountered many artists, who while participating in our events expressed a strong desire to spend more time working and researching at Flutgraben. Finally this dream came true and we are very happy to announce that we now have the opportunity to offer artistic residencies to Berlin-based artists, which will allow them to work in the studio for a longer time and without financial concerns.
Clément, Jasna, Moritz, Sandra

We offer an artist-in-residence program called Flutgraben Performances Residencies that allows artists to create and research at the homebase of Flutgraben Performances, the Flutgraben artists’ house in Berlin. Each artist can work in one of two studios for the period of one month, according to the research, exploration, practice or project they are aiming to deepen or develop.

The residency is open to artists from the fields of contemporary dance, performance art and choreography. This opportunity is for emerging to established professionals who are active in the Berlin art scene. Artists of any sex, gender, race or nationality can apply.

Duration and period of the residency
each residency is 4 weeks, one period in October and one in December 2020
Exact dates will be fixed according to applicants and studio availability.

Fees and support
No application fees.
A financial support of €2000 is offered per artist or artist group.
The residency includes mentoring and basic technical support.
Other facilities: Wifi in the studios and use of a common kitchen.

Application deadline for 2020
18th September 2020, for 2 residencies

The Open Call for 2021 is coming up soon. Once it is announced, there will be 6 more residencies available to apply for.

Please send
• a motivation letter (max. 2 pages) why you want to work in the frame of Flutgraben Performances Residencies
• a short biography
• information about your artistic work (e.g. website, blog, video documentations, all material where we can get informed sufficiently about your artistic activity)

to this email address: residency@flutgrabenperformances.org

Please send the text in english.

Flutgraben Performances is a series of events located at Flutgraben, an artist-run studio building in Berlin Treptow. It is dedicated to the exploration, growth and transformation of live art. Each year a group of 10–12 artists comes and works together. Individually the artists follow their own artistic tracks without any limits in form and content. They use the time to test, develop, re-think and discuss their artistic practices and believes. On a collective level the group invents new forms of meeting the public, aiming for an encounter of artist, art work and art lover as a fertile, intimate and joyful act.

Flutgraben Performances was initiated in 2019 and is run by Clément Layes, Moritz Majce, Sandra Man and Jasna L. Vinovrški.

Flutgraben Performances Residencies is funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.