Flutgraben Performances Residencies

Flutgraben Performances Residencies | First Three Resident Artists 2021

We are excited about the growing interest in our Flutgraben Performances Residencies program for Berlin-based artists! Out of over 170 applications – twice as much as in call of 2020 – three artists were invited for the first half of 2021. Thank you so much!

Our new resident artists are Isaiah Lopaz, Sharon Mercado Nogales and Moran Sanderovich.

We wish you an inspiring and inventive time during your residencies, and are looking forward meeting you!

Many thanks to all artists who applied! Again we enjoyed striving through your worlds of imagination, ideas, and desires! You are all welcome to submit your applications for the second call for 2021 which will be announced in Q2 2021.

This time the jury members were Cécile Bally, Jared Gradinger, and Sandra Man. The criteria emerged during the process of reading the applications and discussing them and the decisions were taken consensually. For the next round new juror artists will decide.

Here are the jury’s statements:

In his project Acts of Reparatory Citizenship, Isaiah Lopaz opens up a ‘collective‘ history; something bigger than any individual biography, a not yet shared history that affects and addresses all of us. He is working with a great variety of media, not for the sake of interdisciplinarity, rather reflecting the plurality of elements that construct and deconstruct origin and national membership. Isaiah is investigating the difference between art and politics in a way that doesn’t make the one serving the other but destabilises both of them, making space for new (dis)connections.

Sharon Mercado Nogales‚ project Earth Beings is accessing the contemporary topics climate catastrophe and decolonisation in a down to earth manner. She is connecting the local archive, provided by her family and ancestors in Bolivia, with planetary dimensions. She is investigating the specific presence of non-human beings – the mountains – and looking for ways to embody foot dance practices emerging from them. By working together with Kiana Rezvani, who grew up next to the mountains in Teheran, Sharon is opening up the potential of a shared geology across the planet.

Moran Sanderovich is working on the crossing of nature and synthetics, the organic and the mechanic, the familiar and the uncanny, the performing and the sculpted. She is creating something like organic subjects AND objects. They share movement and skin. It is the depth of the skin that comes to the foreground, the wounds, the blood, the scars, the embodiment of pain serving as motor of transformation. In her project Asastatica, she continues her investigation on an evolution of new bodies shaped by the strength of alterity and she follows her desire to enter in a physical relation with her sculptures.