Episode 1 Season2

Season 2 | Episode 1: May 11–17 2020

The very first episode of the new season of Flutgraben Performances fell right into the lockdown caused by the outbreak of the Corona Virus. The twelve artists representing the group for 2020 could not meet and were spread and separated in various parts of Europe, each of them experiencing the crisis and the shutdown differently. Instead of cancelling or postponing the group decided to use the time planned. They met remotely and explored encounters over distance artistically and in manyfold ways. Deprived of any live audience the group took itself as the public, each artist finding a way of giving an insight into his*her artistic universe as well as an approach of making it accessible later on in future post lockdown times.

The encounters happened in various forms and media. The artists sent and received recorded audio files with tasks and responded to them by writing texts; they met on online platforms transforming them into a stage for appearing and disappearing; they sent texts to each other, turning the act of reading into a performance. They met in video chats and performed tasks together. They wrote letters to each other. The whole first episode was dedicated to the intense exploration of distance and the transformation of the technical tools given into sensual and spiritual means of connection.