Flutgraben Performances Residencies

Flutgraben Performances Residencies: Residency in April 2023

We are happy to announce Mica as our next resident artist in 2023.

Mica is a Berlin-based artist from Brazil dealing with Hip Hop dance, fashion and street culture from the perspective of being a Black woman. As Hip Hop culture is predominantly male, Mica perceives an absence of Black women also in the Berlin scene. The artist realises the urgency of creating a space of exchange to map, value and encourage other Black women to know and take possession of Hip Hop culture, through studies focused on the history of Hip Hop itself, including its specific Latin-American manifestation. During her residency Mica is going to celebrate a space of exchange allowing different experiences for various female Black artists in the city with dance meetings, open practices, workshops for children and theoretical meetings. By bringing together women of different ages, a magical and valuable exchange of knowledge, experiences and stories can take place. The older generation will pass on their experiences and the legacy of Hip Hop, while the younger generation bring their own creative energy and perspectives. This dialogue will allow to appreciate not only the development of Hip Hop over time, but also the experience of being a Black female artist in Berlin and around the world, with all the plurality and uniqueness of each life.

We wish Mica a great time full of exchange during her residency!