Flutgraben Performances Residencies

Flutgraben Performances Residencies: Residency in August 2023

We are happy to announce Emil Ertl as our next resident artist in 2023.

Emil Ertl is a dancer and choreographer based in Berlin. For their time at Flutgraben Performances Residencies, they will collaborate with performance artist Onur Agbaba. Serpentine serpentine never a straight line serpentine serpentine serpentine never a straight line serpentine. Along the lines of Peaches’ song Serpentine, Ertl and Agbaba investigate the notion of creases, wrinkles and folds.
The German word for straightening is »glätten«. Straightened things appear to function, to be correct, to be clean. Wrinkled or crumpled stuff on the other hand commonly is thought of as messy, wild or inappropriate. In this research, Ertl and Agbaba wish to dissect this dichotomy and examine the potential of the act of crumpling. If the act of straightening stands for heteronormativity, can the act of crumpling be a queer act of resistance? How can we use choreography as a tool to research the act of straightening things out?