Flutgraben Performances Residencies

Flutgraben Performances Residencies: Residency in May/June 2023

We are happy to announce Laurie Young as our next resident artist in May/June 2023 (from Open Call #3 – 2023 // please check our ongoing Open Call #4 till 2nd June).

Laurie is a Berlin-based dance artist who focuses on the embodiment of unauthorised histories and their representation and how relationships are choreographed between human and non human in the theater, museum and city. She will base the residency on a choreographic and therapeutic search around trembling, navigating between Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) and the concept of trembling thinking of Édouard Glissant. She will research haptic sounds as vibratory practice by creating installation structures. She also wants to bridge relationships with organisations aiming to create a safer space of empowerment. During her residency she will offer TRE sessions and engage in experimental collaborations with an interdisciplinary focus on trembling.

We wish Laurie a vibrant and inspiring time during her residency!